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Light EV Incentives Across Australia

Wondering which incentives are available to help with purchasing an electric vehicle? Currently, each Australian State and Territory has its own set of policies with different features and eligibility rules, making it challenging to understand.

Below we have provided an overview of what incentives you could be eligible for in each State and Territory, when purchasing an electric vehicle for $50,000 (as at July 2023):

Source: Page 33, State of Electric Vehicles, July 2023. Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) Australia.

Click on the icon to see the zero emissions targets and incentives set by our state:

Australian Government Home Charging Calculator

Try this useful tool to calculate the estimated time and cost of charging your vehicle at home.

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Source: An Australian Government Initiative


What is the difference between the X1 and X2?

The X1 is tailored toward a more residential setting and is a single-phase unit with a maximum output of 7.4Kw. 

The X2 is designed for a maximum output of 22Kw however requires a three-phase power supply. 

What is single phase or three phase?

The easiest way to explain this is to imagine the property having a power feed that can consist of a single supply line or three supply lines. The single supply line is called single phase. A three phase consists of three supply lines and can be reduced to single phase. A single phase cannot be upgraded to three phase without significant modifications and costs.

Which EV Charger do I need?

In general, we recommend the X1 for most domestic applications as the power can be adjusted to match what is already available and it is a common single-phase installation. For commercial, the X2 has up to 22Kw of output power but must be installed on a three-phase circuit more typical in a commercial or industrial setting.  

You should also check your EV owner’s manual to see what the maximum charging input is to your vehicle. Some are limited to under 7Kw so even though you are using a 7Kw charger, it may charge at a rate less than this. 

Is a SEVR Charger compatible with my car?

SEVR Chargers have been designed to accommodate all vehicles with a Type 2 charging port imported into Australia so we can confidently say YES it will be compatible.  

Can I use a SEVR Charger in the rain?

SEVR Chargers are rated between IP54 and IP65 depending on the model and have a host of internal check systems to ensure safe and efficient operation in all different weather conditions we generally see in Australia. 

How long will it take to charge my car?

This is a very challenging question due to all electrical vehicles internally regulating their ability to charge regardless of what charger is used. We have tested our chargers and confirmed that they will output the rated KW indicated. After that, it’s up to your EV to regulate how fast it will allow itself to be charged.  

How long will it take an electrician to install?

SEVR chargers are designed for an extremely fast installation. The charger itself only takes about 15 minutes. The connection between the Charger and the electrical panel can vary depending on the distance, age of the existing system, and any regulations requiring specific adaptations to meet codes.  

Can you provide installation services?

Yes. Please click here to request contact from the closest installer to your location.  

Where is SEVR located?

SEVR is located in the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia. We design, test, and distribute from our facilities here and maintain stock in Sydney. Our technical support team is located here as well so if you need anything related to installation, our licensed electricians on the other end of the line are happy to help.  

How do I install Charge Point Operators (CPOs) SW?

This link provides the commissioning procedure to install CPO SW on the X2 – Click here



SEVR Chargers and accessories are covered by a 3 year warranty


The Australian Standard AS/NZS 4417.1 and AS/NZS 4417.2 Marking of electrical products to indicate compliance with regulations

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Returns Policy 

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